I’ve had people in the past saying that I’m with this Party and that Party, trying to undermine me and confuse people. These people should get a life and worry about their own politics and stop trying to cause trouble.

To all the folks who wish to know my political persuasions, “The Truth” is I support only what’s good for my community and if that involves me showing support for any particular Party then I will do that.

Unlike like the two Party System (3 if you now count One Nation), who disagree with one another all the time, I’m the type of person who gives people credit for their good ideas no matter what others think of them, and what Party they belong to.

This is also the culture I’ll be bringing into Council. I want people to help others, I want people to speak up and share their ideas that will help the community, and I want people not to feel intimidated by others who only wish to undermine them and keep them down for their own ambitions. Politics shouldn’t have to be “dirty”, it should be about advancing our lives and working together. Yes I am different to what is considered the norm.

To me, I just find the division in politics right now in our country as a negative influence on our lives, and I don’t want a bar of it. I’d like to see a system that supports one another and our life here in Australia, rather than work against each other all the time.

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