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If any of you folks think Shane Warne is the King of Spin, then you haven’t seen Allan Sutherland at work. He is the King of Spin, and is one of the very best I have seen at it.

After he gave an address that had even the most hardened anti-Sutherland people in tears, he then had that speech written into the Minutes of the meeting.

Today Sutherland was asked a few questions on this new proposal to appoint a so far unnamed CEO to the Board of Directors on the Petrie Mill site.

And it was mentioned a few times that a new CEO is ready to go, but they still didn’t mention who it is, and again had the acting CEO there to assist Allan Sutherland.

I want to commend both Denise Sims and Brooke Savige for asking questions, and for also being the only ones who opposed this appointment. All other Councillors voted in favour of appointing the new “unknown” CEO to the Board of a newly formed “Beneficial Enterprise”, and then being authorised to “undertake all relevant and incidental actions arising, and powers pursuant to that appointment”.

Denise Sims asked, “Why the rush, and why not wait until the new Council was appointed?”

Sutherland again went into another zone with his spin tactics and the “batsmen and women” found him unplayable. And it wasn’t eve a sticky wicket.

To make matters worse I had Dean Teasdale sitting in front of me, growling all of the time, and his father David sitting close to me, also making quite angry comments about it all. These guys are not happy, and the sooner you folks vote Deano into a Government position somewhere, the sooner we can stop feeling sorry for this bloke. But just not this current election OK

For all of the social and romance watchers out there, Dean’s girlfriend Katrisha Dobson was also there. So that was a relief as we were all starting to wonder what happened to her.

So there you go folks, the new “unknown” CEO will be on the Petrie Mill Board, and he is authorised to undertake all relevant and incidental actions arising, and powers pursuant to his appointment. And believe me, that mean anything and probably does.

Eric Shields

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