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It never ceases to amaze me how some people can fool you into thinking they are good people when in fact they are just as bad as the people they are trying to replace; one such man is Erwin Hecht.

Erwin Hecht is a man who I have supported 100% when he first started up his Narangba & Surrounding Landowners Support Group FaceBook page. I also invited Erwin Hecht to my home on a number of occasions to speak to him, and I did two video interviews with him to help promote his cause and help get his message across on my original “The Truth” FaceBook page which was popular before being attacked by haters and taken down for supposedly posting picture of nudity and people injuring themselves (some of these people are now the subject of legal action on my part). I don’t think even my enemies will say I posted such pictures.

I will leave Erwin’s video interviews up on my web page because I don’t wish to jeopardise any chance of the residents of Narangba getting their message across because as we all know come election time people will be seeking more information about candidates, not Erwin Hecht.

It should also be mentioned that Erwin also supported me in regards to one of the worst hate pages set up to undermine me called “The REAL Truth Moreton Bay and also a hate page called The REAL Truth Matters,” Erwin went onto that page and posted a cutting review in support of me, Erwin was also very much aware of the endorsement of this page by Dean Teasdale, I’ll let Erwin’s words once again speak for themselves.

Erwin Hecht has now turned on me and is openly supporting Dean Teasdale who I think is among the very worst of candidates running for Mayor of Moreton Bay. So I believe it’s now time to speak up and clear the air on a number of things that are troubling me about this man Erwin Hecht.

At 10am on 7th November 2018, I attended the MBRC Strathpine Council Chambers to hear a presentation made by the Save North Lakes Golf Course committee, and I sat next to Erwin Hecht in Council Chambers.

Erwin told me he had to quickly take down posts about Allan Sutherland he had done on FaceBook because he was worried about legal action from Allan Sutherland.

It’s interesting to see that he recently did exactly the same thing to me when he posted on my page, saying that I had lost the plot, and he once again quickly took his comment down when I posted I was suing a few people. Erwin Hecht is showing himself to be a coward and of little character, probably the only thing he is consistent with.

This is what Erwin Hecht said before the comment was taken down.

After the meeting at the Strathpine Council Chambers, we went to lunch where Rod Ridley was also present. We laughed and spoke in a friendly manner and at no time did I sense any problems with Erwin.

A few days later I received this email (20 Nov 2018), from Erwin Hecht accusing me of being a sexist and racist which had me absolutely in shock. Not only because he said he didn’t wish to speak about it, but because he continued to undermine me on the internet on numerous Facebook pages.

What really demonstrates the character of this man is that he also then “Liked” my page, which I assume was to keep an eye on me which many of them do.

He also took my name off his Narangba protest page which I had been supporting for a long while.

To cut a very long story short, this all finally came to a head when Erwin Hecht also posted on the Save North Lakes page and he said:

Erwin’s comment:

“BTW, how would you feel if the river in front of your house would be turned into a commercial maritime zone? Would you be concerned about the value of your home or the environment, or both?

This man is a fool and uninformed, and a few of us long serving advocates have said this, he’s an attention seeker, if in fact he knew what he was talking about he’d be well aware that I supported the coastal community for many years (long before Erwin came along), with their protest against the MBRC’s faulty planning scheme (and we’ve been proved to be correct many times now) and the MBRC placing a blanket flood cover over the whole Coastal region, it’s what got me involved in all of this craziness in the first place and by the way Erwin Hecht the MBRC “DID” in fact devalue my property and many others during the first of these community protests, so get your facts right.

I wanted to reply to Erwin’s comment on the Save North Lakes Golf course page but no sooner had I posted, that both Erwin’s comments and mine were taken down by the admin of that page.

I want to say now that I appreciate the fact that the comments were taken down and I fully understand how a group such as The Save North Lakes Golf Club don’t wish to get any Mayoral Candidate off side, the same cannot be said for Erwin Hecht who is now trying to broaden his boundaries by having an input on people’s thought’s and minds, it’s a very dangerous thing to do, especially when you’re not that smart.

I want to now list a number of emails from Erwin Hecht that tell a story of a man who follows others like a little boy and then quickly deserts them when he thinks public opinion has shifted, this is Erwin Hecht a man who really should be in Politics as he has the right character for it.

Let’s now look into this man, and let’s not take my word for it.

Check out this email that Erwin Hecht sent to me on the 6 Aug 2018.

It’s Erwin saying he couldn’t support me going to the Police because he may get into trouble.

I wasn’t expecting this reply!!

This email got my attention and at the time I was considering severing my association with this man.

Erwin said:

“My wife has reminded me, that there are a couple of issues we have (with Police), which could get us into great difficulties, if our names are closely looked at.”

I’ll let that comment speak for itself.

I now have to ask the question, does anyone know of this man’s background to act as a community advocate or are we only getting more of the same during this next local election, shady people of questionable character directing us in a negative way?

I should also mention that Erwin Hecht was very much aware of Dean Teasdale’s endorsement of the same hate page that Erwin himself came out and supported me against, now work that one out.

To conclude, it was also drawn to my attention that Erwin Hecht had something to say about Councillors observing the Lord’s prayer at that Strathpine Council meeting which I also attended.

Here is Erwin Hecht’s comment.

So there you have it.

We’re very lucky to have someone as qualified and learned as Erwin Hecht.

He’s an expert on Racism, Sexism and also Religion. The man is a one stop shop for all of our personal issues, and thinks that he has the right to express his views without the expectation of any response questioning him.

Yes I’d say he’s an idiot as well.

Erwin Hecht, you go your hardest. I look at someone like you as just a loose cannon and a little man without any credibility at all. So you enjoy your time in the sun because very soon it will be short lived.

What you folks make out of all of this is for your conscious alone, and I’ve said many times now I’ve had enough of the lies, undermining people, and crap that has been a constant part of our lives with Queensland Politics.

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