After a lovely lunch and getting to know one another a little better, today I had a sit down with both Tammy and Nathan and spoke about Hank and many other things.

Tammy was really camera shy and said she didn’t wish to appear on camera, in fact she was having real problems with being so nervous, but you’ll see I didn’t give up and she finally gave in and said hello to everyone, I just felt that it was important that you folks got to see and hear from the both of them and I was very pleased that Tammy had the courage to overcome her shyness and say hello to you folks, such a good positive day was had by all.

It’s was also the first time I’ve seen people arrive to a meeting on a jet ski and how good were the pictures of that, you’ve just got to love the laid back nature of Queenslanders, I really have embraced the whole reason why we all love living here so much.

As most of you folks know I’m now finally standing up and running for Mayor and this is for a number of reasons and that is to give the community back it’s Council, stop the corruption, put a stop to the bad candidates we have running for Local Government and to have a more open process of consultation and a Council that will engage and support the community, not fight with them all of the time.

Let’s get one thing straight from the start, I am not a Politician, I am a person who wants to help the community and will do what I say I will do, simply really, plus I want to give back for the wonderful life that I’ve had and show my love for this new life here in Queensland.

I’m also doing this for the many workers at the MBRC since I’ve been made aware by a number of ex staff of the toxic working conditions that some employees are subject to and just the turnover of staff alone at the MBRC should tell anyone that there are many problems that need to be addressed as well as repair the damage that has been done to many people. Right about now there will be Senior Managers at the MBRC that are hoping I don’t get elected, of that I am very sure.

Right now our region is in chaos and that is because the people we elect to Government just don’t know how to treat people or address the communities concerns and problems.

It should also be mentioned that the choices we’ve had with candidates to vote for hasn’t exactly been ideal and it also doesn’t help when developers are giving sitting Councillors hundreds of thousands of dollars to get people “they want” elected to govern over us, as I said our region is in chaos.

Just seeing the Crime and Corruption Commission hearing’s on it all should be enough to tell us this (please read the page “Corruption” which I have done on this web page), maybe chaos is to light a word to describe what has been happening over many years, how about criminal, that could be a better word to describe it all with money being thrown around all over the place and the investigations and arrests of Council Mayors now being seen as the order of the day.

The very fact that the State Government has now introduced new legislation to get control over it all and also appointing a Special Minister to watch over Queensland Councils should be of great concern to all of us that we now need watch dogs and new laws to keep Local Councils in check, grass roots Local Government should be the corner stone of our daily lives, but instead it has become a cesspit of lies, cover ups, investigations, arrests and scandals.

I’ve been asked a few times now how I differ from other Mayoral candidates and what am I going to do to change it all, well for a start I would seek better management to work with staff at the MBRC, I would also stop nepotism and jobs for mates who help fund the re-election of Councillors, I will also look at parting ways with the Local Government Association of Queensland, I will also look into the running of MBRIT with the view of taking back the task of running Tourism in Moreton Bay and having it looked after internally and not by someone who has given money to help Allan Sutherland get re-elected, as far as I’m concerned this is a clear case of “conflict of interest” and it certainly didn’t help my opinion of how it all worked when I was threatened with defamation by the CEO of MBRIT, Shane Newcombe when I asked a few simple questions about how it all worked.

I would also put a stop to the intimidation against the community and staff by members of Council and there are a number of examples of this I could draw on, Hank is one example right now and we all know that this situation should never have been allowed to happen in the first place and should have been resolved over a year ago.

It truly amazes me that a long time employee (Jamie Fry), with some 12 years of loyal service to the MBRC and was just doing his job, was sacked some six months after Hank was allowed to stay home and Hank was then taken and impounded and has been impounded now for over a year, how was this allowed to happen?

Yes, I am different to other Mayoral candidates, why?

Because I care about people and their lives and families and I want to make it all right, how can you not?

Eric Shields (Your Candidate or Mayor of Moreton Bay 2020)

Please get behind Tammy and Nathan in their fight to Save Hank.

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