I continue to see the lies and comments of hateful people, some of these people are still in hiding thinking they are safe having me blocked from seeing their comments, some also use fake Facebook names, these people are in denial but very soon will they will be forced to face the consequences of their actions.

The community is now aware I have made it a priority to stamp out hate speech and support good people who just want to enjoy their lives and family in our beautiful region of Moreton Bay, that’s why I moved here and that’s why I wanted to retire here.
The strange thing is that it’s politics, greed, and attention seeking that has uncovered these hideous people, they attack others with lies and hate speech by way of social media thinking they are important, they are not.

You only have to see what happened in Christchurch when a lunatic used Facebook to stream himself murdering 50 innocent peaceful people to know what hate speech can lead to, it’s now an evil part of our society that has to be stamped out, unbalanced people using social media to promote hate and lies and then use us for their own benefit – this is our lot in life right now and only we can stop it.

Here is an ABC article as to why this type of media attention and public hysteria has to be stopped and it’s a welcome relief to finally see the media admit there is a huge problem in how it is reported.

The Christchurch shooting was streamed live, but think twice about watching it