Moreton Bay Region Welcomes You Sign - MBRC
  • Roads, Rates & Rubbish

    It is an accepted requirement of any Council that they have good control over three basic requirements and they are Roads, Rates and Rubbish. I will make sure these three things are done correctly and professionally.

    Not many people have spoken to me about the condition of roads in their Divisions, but as Mayor I will make sure that I liaise on a regular basis with our elected Divisional Councillors to make sure that the condition of our roads in the Moreton Bay Council area are kept up to a good standard in regards to both safety and comfort.

    I also see that’s where my new policy called THE MORETON BAY COMMUNITY CONSULTATION COMMITTEE (THE CCC) will also help residents as they can have access to the Mayor’s office via their local COMMUNITY CONSULTATION COMMITTEE and advise where things are needed to be done such as road repairs.

  • Alleged Corruption

    I will stamp out any hint of corruption in Local Government and give the community back a Local Council they can be proud of.  Confidential meetings, business conducted behind closed doors with secret trust funds to assist re-election of councillors and the complete lack of transparency, will be a thing of the past.

  • Project Priorities

    I will be immediately asking all sitting Councillors to give me a priority list of projects that need urgent attention in their respective divisions.  No one Division having priority over another.  This will also include planning and infrastructure needs to cope with our growing population.

  • Widening of Bribie Island Rd

    I will look into the widening of Bribie Island Road as it struggles to cope with continual increased traffic as the area grows.  This has been a bone of contention for many years.

  • Developers

    I will seek meetings with all the major developers in Moreton Bay Region to assure them that I am committed to the advancement and development of the area.  Our region is one of the fastest growing areas in Australia and all projects will be approved on a case by case basis.  There will be no favouritism based on future “gifts”, donations or Trust Funds.

  • Flood Study

    I will undertake an immediate study of the areas of Moreton Bay which are directly impacted by floods, or are flood prone.  I will seek advice as to how these areas can be made safer, such as flood mitigation.  Nothing is more important than the safety of our residents.  I will not have our coastal communities penalised because of where they live.

  • Government Relationships

    I will seek a more open and meaningful relationship with both State and Federal Governments, as I truly believe that we need to work together to benefit our communities for the future.

  • Tourism

    I will look at the enhancement of the entire region of the Moreton Bay and the Pumicestone Passage areas to attract visitors. With the many trips around the world I have seen what is possible and in consultation with residents I want to attract the tourist dollar, boost small business, create new jobs and beautify our amazing region for all to enjoy. This is something very dear to my heart, I’d like to see our community out and about enjoying the paradise we live in.

  • Youth Unemployment

    Youth unemployment in the Caboolture region needs urgent attention.  More apprenticeships and skills education is required to assist our young people to get jobs.  More social amenities and drop in centres to give them places to meet, instead of being on the streets.

  • North Lakes Golf Club

    I will have Council look into buying the North Lakes Golf course and turn it into a public course for the use of all residents of Moreton Bay.

    The golf course would then be run by a new MBRC events team and feature regular fund raisers and charity events to help benefit the community as a whole.

  • Redcliffe Over Development

    I will not allow Redcliffe to become another Gold Coast.  The very thought of more construction and congestion in Redcliffe is a worry to residents.  I would like to give them breathing space from it all and get existing projects completed as quickly as possible.

  • Public Relations

    As the third largest Council in Australia, we need a professional approach to better engage with the community.  My strong management team will work with, not against, community concerns.  A public relations department will give regular updates and press releases to keep the community informed.

  • Libraries

    I will critically look at the libraries in our area to look at where libraries were closed. These closures have severely impacted and disadvantaged older people in the region. If we are not looking after our aged, what are we as a community?

  • Small Business

    Everyone, business or individual, should have a fair go and have equal opportunity to conduct business in the Moreton Bay region.  Support of all small business in the region is required to assist our economy and create jobs.  An enquiry into the running of MBRIT with its sponsorship and membership arrangements will have a direct impact here.

  • Water and Rates

    I will set up a committee to look into the high cost of water and rates.  Most residents have concerns regarding the cost of living and I believe all levels of Government should be looking to find ways to improve the lives of Australians. A lot of candidates talk about it. I will do something about it!

  • Local Government Association of Queensland

    I will investigate the value of the MBRC being associated with the Local Government Association of Queensland.

    Recent CCC investigations have shown very clearly that this organisation is way out of touch with what is required to run an open and transparent Local Council, quite the opposite the LGAQ has shown it supports a decaying Local Council structure and has gone into damage control introducing new measures to try and make them look as though they are proactive to save what little credibly they have left in introducing new steps to support the CCC findings, too little too late as far as I’m concerned.

    I believe an organisation like the LGAQ only adds to the problems of our local region, we don’t need big brother holding our hands in Council, we need good honest people who can do the job and support our community, simple really.

  • Council Workplace Relations

    With an alleged culture of intimidation of Council staff reported, I will introduce a Workplace Relations Officer to ensure that we have a better and more productive work place that supports a happy working environment. Good staff give good service and that’s what I and many others want to see.

  • The Homeless

    I will immediately look into the plight of the homeless in the Moreton Bay Region, with a view to supporting our charitable organisations that assist people in need.

  • The Moreton Bay Community Consultation Committee (The CCC)

    Further to my comments on a more open and transparent Council, I wish to advise that I will seek to set up a Community Consultation Committee (The CCC). It will consist of members of the public from each Division of Moreton Bay who will liaise with their local Councillor and also have regular meetings with both the Mayor and the CEO in regards to their community concerns and ideas.

    This will give rate payers direct contact with their elected officials and peace of mind in regards to their concerns for the region.

  • Unitywater

    Unlike previous Candidates I will speak to Unitywater to find a way to lower water rates and help bring some relief to the rate payers of Moreton Bay.

    It’s common knowledge that the MBRC receives a large return from Unitywater and this comes off the backs of the rate payers of Moreton Bay and I’ve said a number of times now that I fully intend to put rate payer’s money back into local problems and finally give the rate payers the Council they have wanted for a long time.

    At the last election just about all Candidates said they would lower water rates, it didn’t happen and I want to help people in need and give them some relief from the high cost of living.

    I will also look to having a member of Council on the Unitywater board.

  • Environment and Animal Habitats

    If elected to Mayor I will preserve as much open space as possible in Moreton Bay and not allow our region to be over developed.

    I will also plant more trees and protect our animal habitats for future generations to enjoy, this is my pledge to Moreton Bay.

    I’ve already mentioned my policy on the North Lakes Golf Club and I see no valid reason for wanting to change or damage this beautiful open space just for the sake of development and money.

    You folks can hold me to account on this pledge as I didn’t move to this beautiful place to be the person responsible for changing it, no one wants to see that.

    In fact, one of my main reasons for running for Mayor is to enhance our regions beauty, not destroy it.

  • More Community Activities For Our Youth

    You folks are already aware that if elected to Mayor, I will be bringing our Events Management Team back as part of the Council.

    I will be get rid of MBRIT and have a closer input on community events and among those events will be more activities for our youth.

    We have to get them engaged and away from the computers and more involved in outdoor and local activities.

    I fully believe that this will help stop many social problems, it all starts when your young and I intend to do many things for our youth and get them engaged.

  • Caboolture Entertainment Centre

    It is my intention to build an Entertainment Centre complex in the Caboolture area.

    We have now seen huge projects about to be started in the Caboolture area, and it is my firm belief that we should now look at having a “State Of The Art” Entertainment complex that can service the Moreton Bay Region and its community.

    Things like concerts, sports, arts, school activities, and charity events, could all be catered for if such a project was built.

    And it is my intention to see this done and completed during my four year term if elected to Mayor.

    This project would also be run by the new events team I am putting together to enhance our social activities in Moreton Bay.

    With over 450,000 people now residing in the Moreton Bay Region, and the predictions of massive future growth, I believe we have to look to the future with a project such as this.

  • Council Waste Stations

    After hearing a number of community concerns regarding the changes to our local waste stations, I now wish to include in my policies that I intend to change the procedures at MBRC waste stations back to the way they were.

    No tip fees and no waiting in lines to have your details taken.

    But operators will still make sure that our waste stations are not abused by anyone.

    These waste stations are for public use, and I want them to be used by the public as a convenience.

    I know I like using them, but I don’t like what I am currently seeing.

    Council should be about fixing problems not creating them.