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Maybe the Office of The Independent Assessor or the CCC will also be interested in this story?

Now that this story about a breach of privacy in regards to Adam Haines has come out, I now wish to share some information with you folks that I was going to hold back closer to the election, this is also about leaked information from the MBRC.

It involves a leaked document (via email) that was sent by Rodney Hansen to the CEO’s Daryl Hitzman’s office where Rodney Hansen was requesting to fill in as a Councillor for Division 12 after Adrian Raedel was arrested and charged by the CCC.

This is again a breach of privacy at the highest level of our Local Council, but this time it’s from the CEO Daryl Hitzman’s office of the MBRC.

None of us can work out how Peter Burgess got hold of this email, nor can we work out how he got hold of our personal email addresses and you have to wonder how many laws have been broken here.

This copy of an email was sent out by a person named Peter Burgess and was designed to undermine me, Rodney Hansen, and Cherie Porter, all of whom received a copy of this email together with other documents.

Both Rodney Hansen and Cherie Porter have both given me their approval to post this information in the public interest.

Cherie Porter is that angry and concerned about this that she has made a detailed complaint to the Ombudsman’s office.

These emails were also designed to support another Candidate who is currently running in Division 12, whilst also undermining Rodney Hansen, who may or may not run for Division 12.

Peter Burgess says, “Even with this information these people didn’t act to make appropriate corrections to their own accusations about one female candidate.”

It’s also fact that Peter Burgess has also had a go at Jamie Fry who is another Candidate currently running for  Division 12. And here you see Burgess commenting on Jamie Fry’s involvement in the Hank saga trying to undermine Jamie Fry in an open Facebook channel, “Why’s that? Because of Jamie’s (Fry) involvement with your dog Hank who “nudged” this little girls face? Wow what an endorsement that will be!”

So there is no doubt whatsoever that Peter Burgess is running shot gun for another Candidate in Division 12 and even Stevie Wonder can see what is going on here.

Peter Burgess also did the same thing in the last Local Election in 2016 when he went behind the scenes to cause trouble with Jason Kennedy a Candidate who I was supporting at the time, and I’ll post more on this at a later date and you folks will not believe what I have to reveal to the public.

It’s interesting to see that once again these hateful people are in denial when you see Peter Burgess comment in his email, “let’s see who has the integrity to tell The Truth” trying once again to show he is smarter than the rest of us but this is what this bloke does, thinks he’s smarter than other people by obtaining privileged information like this and then sending it to me to show off.

But he then goes into hiding again.

And it wasn’t that long ago when I highlighted another disillusioned community advocate who also was in denial about his actions and comments when I tried to give him a heads up about his actions and his support of another Candidate.

Yes this next Local Election is getting dirty – remember I did say the Big Show had started and as far as I’m concerned we have to have an honest election this time around and make sure the public is aware of what is going on so they can make informed decisions regarding their future.

We can never move forward when we have corrupt and dishonest people trying to run our lives.

As I said, this email was sent to all of us by a person named Peter Burgess who also was inviting people to a unidentified Facebook hate page called “The REAL Truth – Moreton Bay“, which was set up to undermine me with hate speech, and is now also part of a legal action that I currently have in place.

Peter Burgess has been stalking me for five years now, via my Facebook Page, my Website, my YouTube Channel, and in private Facebook Messages and obviously on unidentified Facebook hate pages and I have a pile of information to support this. He’s a loser and a coward who seeks attention, he hides in the shadows, and thinks that he knows better than most of us.

Lord knows I seem to attract hateful people like this, people who want to cause chaos, who lie and support others, and who mean to do us harm.

This is politics at it’s very worst.

They sure as hell don’t want anyone to know “The Truth” about their actions or what they are doing, and they are the very worst of our society and the political class.

And you wonder why we now have the CCC and an Independent Assessor to watch over what is going on in Politics right now. And don’t we need them to watch over all of us.

I also spoke to Allan Sutherland about this breach of privacy from the CEO’s Office, and he also agreed that this was not acceptable.

We have now received an answer to this breach of privacy from the MBRC legal department, and as far as we are all concerned, the reply from the MBRC was not acceptable.

Especially when you now see both the CEO and Allan Sutherland leaving!!

For a hateful person like Peter Burgess to get hold of a private email sent to the CEO of Moreton Bay from Rodney Hansen, and then send it out to me and Cherie Porter to show he is smarter than us, is a serious breach of privacy as far as I am concerned.

Peter Burgess has now gone to ground once again after I spoke briefly on this previously and I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see the authorities look into this serious matter, he also now has me blocked from seeing his comments on Facebook.

There will be more detail to come on this later as we approach the election. But this will suffice for now as I wanted to show a pattern of behavior that is concerning to say the least, when Candidates and members of the public are being undermined by hateful people using documents that are obtained from the MBRC, then we have a serious problem.

I would also welcome any inquiries or contact from both the CCC and The Office of The Independent Assessor seeking more information on this matter.

Eric Shields

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