Rick Williams and Jack Vanderland. Seriously?

Hello Moreton Bay.

I’ve now seen a bit of talk on Social Media about my first “Meet and Greet” at Bribie Island, and I have to say that I did not expect Rick Williams and his friend Jack Vanderland (aka Roger Albert Dat) to show up.

To clarify a few things, it was not a Campaign meeting, and three people did turn up to both meet me and my partner and ask questions. It was very friendly, and a lovely morning, and clearly advertised as a “Meet and Greet”.

Who can believe that such a small gathering could create such interest?

I was very much aware that it was a working day, and I wasn’t expecting many to turn up. But I just wanted to make a start and show the Community that I do wish to meet with them and hear their concerns, no matter how many turn up.

I have also preferred not to speak about my legal actions and the hate and lies that is being thrown at me, but when you have people who see where you’re going to be at an advertised event, and then turn up to set you up and try and cause trouble, then I have to speak up and let the public know that this is not acceptable behaviour – and I’m not the only person copping this rubbish.

And yes I am very much aware that these people thrive on attention.

There is a Federal Court order in place that clearly states:

Federal Court of Australia District Registry: Queensland




DATE OF ORDER: 7 February 2019

WHERE MADE: Brisbane


  1. The respondent is, without admission, restrained from publishing any further defamatory imputation of and concerning the applicant as particularised in the applicant’s statement of claim filed 21 January 2019, until further order of a court.
  2. The respondent, without admission, is to remove the matters complained of (as particularised in the applicant’s statement of claim filed 21 January 2019) and any matter in substantially the same form, from any and all Facebook pages under his control by 4:00pm on 8 February 2019, until further order of a court.”

Mr Williams has clearly breached this Court Order a number of times now by both speaking about me, and posting many comments referring to me on Facebook. And he is now going even further by coming to my advertised events to try and intimidate me and set me up. These matters will be presented to the Court in due course, and I’m sure they will be dealt with. It’s a really silly person who defies a Federal Court Order and thinks it’s funny.

What type of person would have a recorder going, and also a person outside the Café filming at a small gathering to set me up? I mean, seriously?

What also concerns me is that I tried to speak and reason with these two men, and to appeal to them to cease their actions, and they laughed at me holding up their little signs, and Jack Vanderland saying, “I don’t speak to idiots.”

It’s taken me a while but I now know you just can’t reason with these types of people, and I’ve always taken people on face value. But these days you have to be aware of everything going on around you, such is the way our country, the people, and our life have changed.

We are no longer the lucky country. We are a people divided, with everyone wanting a say and causing trouble. Those of my era were lucky enough to grow up where family, respect, love, and mateship were the order of the day.

It also wasn’t that long ago that I also tried to speak to another person to give him a “heads up” about his actions and I was then called a liar, and that I tried to threatened him. I am now really over these people, and just want to share in community activities and associate with “good people” who do care about our region in the lead up to this next Local Election.

This post is about you folks knowing “The Truth“ of what happened. But I’m pretty sure that you now know these people just as well as I do.

I’m just amazed at the attention I am getting, even I’m starting to think they are running scared that the community has had enough of it all and really want to me to do the things I’ve said I’m going to do if elected.

I will put a stop to what is going on, and I will change this Council into something you folks will be very proud of.

My sole focus over the next 6 months will be on your needs, your region, and your families.

Eric Shields

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  1. Iain
    Iain says:

    These two jokers are reprehensible.
    It just goes to show what a lack of conscience and morals these two have.
    Not to mention a lack of intelligence, and a complete disregard for the law.


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