I just read that our Council is believed to be the first in Queensland to introduce CCTV cameras that can record audio.

On the face of it, you might think that this is innocuous. But it could have sinister flow on effects.

Apparently it is not illegal in Queensland to secretly record a conversation you have with someone else. Well I didn’t know that, but I can’t say that sits well with me. But what is illegal is recording a conversation that you are not part of, and that is where these CCTV cameras come into play.

I see this as a gross invasion of privacy in the first instance, but what concerns me more is that it has been introduced without any consent from Rate Payers to foot the bill, or allow conversations to be recorded.

We already have laws in this country that prohibit free speech. Laws that some Political Parties want to extend, and it is my concern that in the future these laws, in conjunction with evidence from secret recordings, could be used against citizens or political adversaries.

The politicians and councillors will of course defend this further loss of liberties and intrusion into lives by saying it is for the public good and to fight crime. Well how about enforcing the laws we already have and nurturing a respect for the law instead?

The article that made me aware of this can be read here.

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