This is an interview I did with Jamie Fry who worked with the Moreton Bay Regional Council for 12 years.
Jamie is also the Council officer who placed the dangerous dog order on Hank, so he knows what happened and knows what went on behind closed doors with Council.

You will hear Jamie say he doesn’t believe that Hank is a dangerous dog, you will also hear that the Council was happy with the way Tammy Bradshaw had complied with the conditions for Hank being allowed to stay home, you will also hear how Jamie was dismissed from his job of 12 years and the Council then changed their minds on Hank and then enforced his confinement pending on a court decision.

This interview is an open, honest and a clear insight as to what happened with Hank and the fact that Council changed its decision and stance on Hank for no apparent reason.

It is also established that Jamie was then sacked by Council because of his stance on many issues and you’ll hear Jamie speak of them.

I also won’t make any apology for my passion in these two interviews, why? Because I am angry and the community should also be angry by being controlled by people who don’t have their best interests at heart.

There is also no doubt in my mind that the culture, behaviour and management of the Moreton Bay Council has to be changed and we can no longer vote in people who can’t do the job, who don’t have the communities interest at heart and use their position to advance their own agenda’s.

Please share the videos and “The Truth” page and let’s all join together for a better future for our region and our families.

I’m Eric Shields and I’m running for Mayor of Moreton Bay.

Part 1

Part 2

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