I made this video yesterday morning after watching the horror on TV of what happens when hate speech is then converted into actions that result in the deaths of many people. Let’s not wait until one of our local community are also injured or killed for something to be done.

I was shocked at what I witnessed in Christchurch as was the rest of the world. I may not be able to change the rest of the world, but I can have some small input in trying to change our little part of it here in Moreton Bay.

Eric Shields

For a long time now I have been very outspoken about the intimation and threats made on Social Media and I want it to stop. I am currently taking legal action to stop the hate speech directed at me on various FaceBook hate pages, and now we see some demented person actually streaming his murderous actions live on FaceBook killing 50 people in Christchurch New Zealand. When will it all stop?

I’ve known a number of people over the last six years who have come to me telling their story of how they have been harassed and threatened. Just recently I was even told by a local lady, who I know very well, that she was threatened by a neighbour who had pointed a shot gun at her because she had previously stood up for herself against bullying. This has also had a severe effect on her young daughter.

The Police were advised of all of these incidents but did nothing.

The Police were also advised of the death threats against me as well, and simply advised me to ignore them, and no action was taken.

Social Media Threats Screen Captures

Click on the thumbnails, or hover your mouse over the thumbnails to see each individual image.

As far as I’m concerned this is not good enough, especially when you see what has happened yesterday in Christchurch, New Zealand.

FaceBook themselves are also a big part of this problem. Let’s be honest, we all love Social Media, and for my own part it helps me keep in touch with friends back in Sydney. It also allows me to speak to many local community members and share their lives. I truly enjoy it.

What I don’t enjoy is the way FaceBook allows unidentified hate pages (or should I say fails to control), and allows hate speech on many pages. I’ve now had six hate pages set up to undermine, tell lies and defame me, and I’ve had enough.

FaceBook also allowed the haters to attack my original page “The Truth – Moreton Bay”, which I had been running for 5 years. It was taken down by FaceBook on the false premise that I was posting photos of nudity and people injuring themselves, which is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever heard.

It was interesting to then see these people who complained about my Facebook page bragging about how I was bullying everyone…just more lies and trying to undermine me.

One of these people who I currently have legal action pending, then sent me many apologies and also said she was misled by her fellow haters into going after me. I’m sorry that’s just not good enough for the attacks I have copped.

I even have evidence of Dean Teasdale also endorsing a hate page against me, so this hate speech is not just levelled at some demented community members, it also involves a fellow Mayoral Candidate who is seeking to undermine me. This hate page is also currently part of a legal action.

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