I'm running for Mayor - Moreton Bay Regional Council

Hi everyone in Moreton Bay and welcome to my brand new website.

Over the next year and a half you are going to see an election campaign that is going to be very different to what you have experienced in the past.

Eric Shields for Mayor Moreton Bay Regional CouncilIt involves something rarely seen before in politics and it is called “The Truth”.

I have created this website to let you folks get to know me a bit better and connect with me, so together we can build a better community for our families and enjoy future prosperity together.

I want to see our Council work for the people, not the other way around.

Through this website I hope to get the message out to as many people as I can, so please share the web page and be a very important part of the change we are all badly looking for.

I’ve been asked a number of times now why after supporting so many other people in previous elections am I now standing up to run for Mayor of MBRC and the answer is simple, to change what’s currently in place and to give the voters of Moreton Bay back their Council and also have someone who has their best interest at heart.

I’m not like Allan Sutherland or Adrian Raedel who are career politicians and would do almost anything to win the position of Mayor, or in Dean Teasdale’s case, a 5 time election loser who craves the position and power more than anyone I have ever seen before.

In my case it is to help the community, listen to the community and improve the lives of people living in the community, I’m strange aren’t I?

I also want to give the rate payers of Moreton Bay a different choice, someone who has seen from outside the bubble what the problems are and will give all regions an even share of the attention and money from Council to help improve their lives.

With what we have just seen with the CCC hearings and the State Government now changing the laws governing donations to candidates – money and power are the most important things that have influenced our current mob of politicians in the MBRC and this will change if I’m elected to Mayor of Moreton Bay.

I also want it known that if I see another candidate for Mayor stand up who is worthy of representing the community then I won’t hesitate to bow out, that’s how much I am enjoying my new life in retirement here in Moreton Bay and I’d be very happy to go back into retirement and put my feet up, yes I am different to other’s – and I’m pretty sure my opponents are going to have a field day with my comments made here, but I want to be upfront with you folks right from the get go, I’m putting my life on hold to do this for the community and change what’s currently in place and you will always know my thought’s as we move forward.

It’s also impossible to sway me with all the rubbish the narrow minded lunatics go on with because the Lies, Intimidation, Harassment, Threats of Defamation, False Facebook names, behind the scenes scaring people and the “Bull Shit” that has gone on in past elections is something I am now very much aware of and even now a lot of negative people who I have not had anything to do with are joining together to undermine me once again.

It amazes me that so many people can speak rubbish about you but yet know nothing about your life or background, and they certainly have a problem when they are faced with “The Truth,” they all complain they want things to change but yet they are the ones who are holding our region back.

Many people don’t want someone like me as their Mayor because I am up front and straight forward and they will always know where they stand with me – and isn’t that what everyone has been saying, they want an open and transparent Council?

Eric Shields for Mayor Moreton Bay Regional CouncilI’m not scared of the power brokers and I’m certainly not worried about narrow minded people, what will be will be, I’m more for positive people who seek a better future for their families, life and community – in fact that’s what drives me on and that is to change what’s currently in place.

A lot of you folks’ don’t really know how much you have shaken the system up already, my opponents sure as hell do and they are worried that we are all now starting to join up together.

Winning an election is not what drives me, it’s peace, love and living a life that is good, honest, healthy and happy and they were my reasons for moving to Queensland in the first place.

But isn’t it true that this is what we all want in our life – Peace, Honesty and Happiness.

Being on Council is something way down the bucket list of things I wanted to do before I finally call it a day, I’d rather go out on my boat, or travel overseas, or just be home with my loved ones, but I feel I just have to stand up and help my community before my time is up, yes I am different, it’s strange how your priorities change as you get older and you want to do something positive for others and give back a little.

I truly feel I’m one of the few people who can change what’s currently in place because I know the systems, I know the people involved and I know where the money was coming from – but I also won’t be disappointed if you folks decide you want someone else, I know my partner would be much happier if I stop all of this right now, but I’m now committed to seeing it through and it’s up to you folks to spread the word and show you really want me to change what’s currently in place for you, but be assured that it will be you folk’s (not me), who will be the driving force behind something that’s very different, of that you can be sure and it won’t be me winning, it will be the Moreton Bay Region and your families who will be the real winners in this next Local Election, I’ll make sure of that.

My very best wishes,

Eric Shields

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