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Right now here in Moreton Bay, we have a real chance of changing what is currently “our lot in life”. How can we expect to function as a society when our elected figures are taking money from Developers and Businessmen (in the form of political donations), to get themselves elected, and then have to walk out of chambers when they have to vote on these very same donors who helped get them elected. It’s a farce isn’t if folks? And we’re being treated like fools.

This is what all of these conflicts of interest are all about. Mates looking after their mates, while the community has to wear the brunt of their actions.

Lakeside, MBRIT, and the Sandstone Point Hotel are all clear examples of donors who have given money to The Moreton Futures Trust, and have created a storm where conflict of interest is concerned within the Moreton Bay Regional Council. They took the money and they are now suffering the consequences of their actions.

But unfortunately there are many hypocrites out there who say they hate conflicts of interest, but then continue to turn their heads when it involves people they support. They are currently supporting the idea of a couple in a relationship running for Council. These are the very worst of our so called Community Advocates, and I have already called a number of them out.

Another form of the use of Power and Money is the intimidation and threats of ridiculous legal actions (defamation), against innocent people who seek to speak about and expose these ambitious and hateful people in our society. This is done to keep people quiet, the Power Brokers and so called Community Advocates do not want anyone speaking out about them, especially in the lead up to an election, and this is Local Government at it’s very worst. And these are people who are wishing to rule us. We are clearly a community divided, and it’s why things never change.

Have I got it wrong? Or shouldn’t we as a free society be allowed to speak about the people running for office to represent us, especially if they are involved in intimidation, hate speech, and cover up’s?

Right now there is a brave young woman who is also doing her very best to stand up and inform the region about what is going on. This woman is Cherie Porter. She is a single unemployed mum who runs a Facebook page called Moreton Bay Area – Rants, Raves & Traffic.

Click on the button below to visit her FaceBook Page.

I have to take some of the blame for what is now happening to Cherie Porter as I endorsed her page and urged people to look at it. Cherie Porter is now under enormous pressure from a number of powerful people who are attacking her, or seeking to have her Facebook page taken down. Already Facebook has taken down some of her posts reported by the haters to try and shut her up.

They say that Cherie Porter is involved in harassment and bullying, but “Blind Freddy” can clearly see what is going on here. They are the ones harassing and bullying and trying to shut her up and close her down. We’ve seen it all before.

When you hear the outrageous things that people say about politicians and politics right around the world and here at home, it’s hard to fathom that a young lady can possibly be worse than what has gone before her. But it seems that our lot here in Moreton Bay are a “little bit precious” and don’t want people to speak about them “at all”, and its hypocrisy at its very best when they continually speak about others who they are trying to undermine.

But isn’t that what they also call, politics? How are people wanting to be in office allowed to say things while the voters aren’t?

Eric Shields and Cherie Porter

A few days ago I got in touch with Cherie Porter and asked to have a sit down with her. She came over for a chat and got the shock of her life when I revealed many things to her about what has been going on in Moreton Bay over the last six years, as well as why many people are now watching her page. You could clearly see her head was spinning trying to take it all in.

Cherie has since told me, “I am so drained from all the information overload and how fast everything is happening.” Cherie Porter is now very much aware of what is going on in Moreton Bay, and I have never opened up as much as I have with this amazing young woman (except for my associate Rod Ridley of course).

We also had a laugh at it all. How can you not when these powerful people who wish to rule us are now watching and concerned with a young unemployed single woman and worried about what she will say? Priceless.

Yes I will support and encourage good Community Advocates like Cherie Porter, and hopefully allow people like her to have their say. Is it any wonder that one of the haters recently referred to us all as “sheepies” because we just follow and do what we’re told to do. I say we need to know what our elected officials are all about and we should be allowed to have our say and vote for who we think is best suited to lead us.

Things are never going to change with threats of dodgy legal actions and intimidation via private chat boxes. Let’s speak openly and get it all out there for everyone to see.

Cherie Porter now needs your support and encouragement to continue to inform us all about what is going on behind the scenes. She is now firmly in the firing line and a lot of very powerful people are now watching her page to see what she has to say. Yes indeed, the “BIG SHOW” has started, and the leading players are now stepping up to stop people from speaking out about them.

So you folks know I am once again currently serving a 30 day Facebook ban for informing the community about Dean Teasdale and his girlfriend running for Council. The funny thing is that I got this information from Cherie Porters page Moreton Bay Rants, Raves & Traffic, so good on her for saying something that even I missed at first.


The really interesting thing is that there are actually a number of powerful factions that don’t like one another in this current election race who are wanting the top job, and then you have me taking them all on to give our Local Government back to the people.

Cherie Porter said in her post, “Is it just me or is this beginning to look a lot like David Vs Goliath???”

Yes, Cherie Porter knows exactly what this next Local Election is all about. We’re the David’s and they are the Goliath’s. Let’s just see what people power can do when we are pushed too far.

Eric Shields
Candidate For Mayor
Moreton Bay Regional Council.

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