Allan SutherlandIn Allan Sutherland’s 2016 campaign leaflet he said, “Don’t risk faceless power brokers running your Council”. But that’s exactly what Allan Sutherland did. Accepting money from “faceless power brokers” who gave him money through “The Moreton Futures Trust”, and this Channel Nine News report on the CCC hearings clearly confirm this fact.

In 2012 Allan Sutherland’s donation return showed $255,200.00, of which $110,500.00 was from The Moreton Futures Trust. And in the 2016 donation return, Allan Sutherland declared 188,087.05, of which $118,587.05 came from The Moreton Futures Trust. So it’s very obvious that “the faceless power brokers” had a big say in who runs the Moreton Bay Regional Council.

In the last two elections, Allan Sutherland accepted $443,287.05, and that’s just the donations that have to be declared. ie. over the $1,000 threshold. There was a lot more money that was used than this.

One of the first things I will do if elected to Mayor will be to stamp out corruption and allow the people of Moreton Bay to be informed of what has happened in past elections, so they can make the right decisions that will benefit their families and area, and not to the benefit faceless power brokers, developers, and businessmen.

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