It amazes me that the corruption in Local Councils in Queensland has been going on for a long time now, I know because I’ve been speaking about it for five years, I’ve also noticed that people like Jo-Anne Miller MP also tried to bring it to the attention of the house a number of times with little action from the Parliament, and of course the only time a Government acts is if the community is angry and they have to be seen doing something – and that’s what’s going on now.

What has really set everyone off is that the Crime and Corruption Commission has now finally stood up and doing their job and arresting the law breakers and also putting everyone on notice that corruption in Local Government won’t be tolerated anymore.

These CCC investigations have also brought about new legislation which involves a Special Minister for Local Government the Hon Stirling Hinchliffe now having the power’s to dismiss both Councillors and Council’s if they are found to be negligent or corrupt in their duties in Local Council – and not before time.

Here is the ABC report saying that everyone wants to stop donations and corruption, funny how no one cared about it for many years until the Crime and Corruption Commission finally decided to investigate it all and brought it to the attention of the public and then all hell broke loose.

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