Moreton Bay Regional Council

If any of you folks think Shane Warne is the King of Spin, then you haven’t seen Allan Sutherland at work. He is the King of Spin, and is one of the very best I have seen at it. After he gave an address that…

Save Hank

After a lovely lunch and getting to know one another a bit better, today I had a sit down with both Tammy and Nathan and spoke about Hank and many other things as well.

This is an interview I did with Jamie Fry who worked with the Moreton Bay Regional Council for 12 years. Jamie is also the Council officer who placed the dangerous dog order on Hank, so he knows what happened and knows what went on behind closed doors with Council.

Eric Shields - Candidate for Mayor Moreton Bay Regional Council

I want to thank the Island and Surrounds newspaper for this wonderful support and article announcing my running for Mayor of Moreton Bay, it’s community minded newspapers like this that will be a part of changing Moreton Bay for a better future.

Allan Sutherland

In Allan Sutherland’s 2016 campaign leaflet he said, “Don’t risk faceless power brokers running your Council,” but that’s exactly what Sutherland has done accepting money from “faceless power brokers” who gave him money through “The Moreton Futures Trust” and this Channel Nine News report and the CCC hearings clearly confirm this fact.

CCC report on ABC 24

It amazes me that the corruption in Local Councils in Queensland has been going on for a long time now, I know because I’ve been speaking about it for five years, I’ve also noticed that people like Jo-Anne Miller also tried to bring it to the attention of the house a number of times with little action from the Parliament, but yet nothing was being done to stop it.