Mayoral Candidate Peter Flannery

As we are now only a few months away from the most important Local Election in the last 12 years it’s important that we need to know the Mayoral Candidates who wish to lead us into the future.

Peter Flannery was part of a group of Councillors who took money from developers through The Moreton Futures Trust to help get re-elected in the 2016 Local Council elections.

He was also the subject of the CCC Belcarra hearings into alleged crime.

Councillors who took money from the Moreton Futures Trust

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Peter Flannery has stated many times that he is an Independent Councillor, so let’s test that theory with Peter Flannery’s own evidence at the CCC Belcarra hearings:

(Q) Did you campaign on the basis of being an independent candidate?
(F) Yes, I did.
(Q) Is that something you promoted?
(F) Yes, I did.

Peter Flannery on the stand at the Belcarra hearings

In evidence Mr Flannery gave at the CCC Belcarra hearings, the following was presented:

(Q) For the purpose of the 2016 campaign, you shared some election material with the Mayor, Allan SUTHERLAND; is that right?

(F) That’s correct, yes.

(Q) Firstly, you shared with him a How to Vote Card; is that right?

(F) Yes, a joint How to Vote Card, yes.

(F) The Mayor approached me sometime in February and asked me if we’d like to do a joint How to Vote Card, as he was getting them done, anyway. He was – we’d share – would pay for the cost of those How to Vote Cards, so I was happy to go along with that because it saved me expenses. At the time of the phone call from the Mayor, he asked if I wanted to do the How to Vote Card, share a How to Vote Card, a joint How to Vote Card, that he was doing it with a few other Councillors and that the expenses would be covered by his campaign.

(Q) You made a declaration later in the piece, I think, of having received a certain amount from a Trust?

(F) Yes, yes.

(Q) Did you campaign on the basis of being an independent candidate?

(F) Yes, I did.

(Q) Is that something you promoted?

(F) Yes, I did.

(Q) On election material?

(F) Yes, from – since 2012, I’ve promoted myself as an independent candidate.

(Q) One of the other things that you shared with the Mayor was a billboard?

(F) That’s correct.

(Q) That was positioned, was it not, on the Bruce Highway out at Burpengary?

(F) Yes, it was.

(Q) How many images were on that billboard, just you and him or more?

(F) Just me and the Mayor, yes.

(Q) How did it come about that you shared his image on that billboard?

(F) The Mayor approached me again with a phone call and said he was doing a billboard on the Bruce Highway in Burpengary and would I be interested in having my face up there with him. Being a big highway sign, it was a very wide sign, he said it would look a bit silly with just his head up on there, so he asked me if I would mind putting my image up there with him. Once again, the costs – it wouldn’t cost me anything, so I said, “Yes, I’m happy to do that.”

(Q) The other assistance I think you may have got was to do with a mail-out of a particular letter?

(F) That’s correct.

(Q) The Mayor wrote you, in effect, a letter of endorsement?

(F) Yes, that’s correct.

(Q) Would that be a fair description of it?

(F) Yes. Yes, sir.

So this is clear evidence given by Peter Flannery himself, under oath, that he shared how to vote cards, mail outs, giant billboards, endorsements and all expenses was paid for by Allan Sutherland and he was happy with that arrangement to save money.

Does that sound like a person who is an Independent having someone else doing all of that for him to be re-elected?

Peter Flannery was not an Independent Candidate as stated and his own evidence clearly showed that.

What makes this evidence by Peter Flannery even more concerning is the fact that he mentions that he received and accepted advice from Joan Sheldon the ethics adviser with The Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) during a 2015 local government conference.

(Q) Does that raise any concern for you in terms of appearance of your having received money from sources of that kind?

(F) No, it didn’t, because the example, I suppose, was given to all Councillors at the 2015 local government conference, where the ethics adviser, Joan SHELDON, got up and said to Councillors, a roomful of Councillors there, that if you were to receive donations from developers or businesses or whoever, a third party, then it’s best to set up a trust, an independent trust, and have them access the donations through – from the different parties, and then that trust can then decide on who it donates the funds to.

(Q) You accepted that advice?

(F) “Yes, I did, yes”.

Throughout Peter Flannery’s evidence, he kept on saying that Allan Sutherland had asked him to be a part of taking the free advertising and gifts as it saved him money.

This pattern of behaviour clearly shows that Peter Flannery is in denial and when you see the evidence in his testimony that he blames both The Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) and also Allan Sutherland for giving him the wrong advice and offering the money and gifts, this is not a man who can be ever be trusted to lead a region like Moreton Bay.

Even Dean Teasdale said this of Peter Flannery:

He took the same Moreton Futures Trust developers donations to his election campaign, appeared at the same post-election corruption inquiry and has said nothing out of line since. He chaired the committee that awarded that 20 Million plus contract to the Mayors donor mate via delegation. That’s an experience not worth having and not worth repeating.

Dean Teasedale bagging Peter Flannery Courier Mail

Lisa France is a well-known and well respected former MP who supported the coastal regions in their fight against a High Risk flood cover that was introduced by the MBRC in their planning scheme.

This plan seriously devalued properties right across the region and also limited what owners could do with their properties.

Peter Flannery was the head of that committee that introduced that flood plan and was also a part of supporting the “No Confidence” vote in Lisa France that was brought about by the MBRC because Lisa France was supporting the community.

A lot of people also remember a group called “The Alliance” of which Eric Shields was a part of which almost saw this flood plan thrown out by the sitting LNP State Government and Planning Minister Jeff Seeney only to then see a change of Government and Jackie Trad support everything that Allan Sutherland wanted to do, even giving Priority Development Approvals (PDA’s) to help get planning approvals done much quicker that Mayor Allan Sutherland wanted done, these were not good signs for the residents of Moreton Bay and events involving alleged corruption revealed by the CCC Belcarra hearings have shown that many people were right about this current MBRC.

It is also revealing that Rick Williams also used the No Confidence campaign run by the MBRC against Lisa France to score political points that helped him get elected.

Vote of No Confidence in Lisa France by Rick Williams

What really angered so many people when all of this was happening was that Peter Flannery refused to attend a major meeting at Beachmere that saw thousands of residents turn up. And instead of fronting up and speaking to the large crowd in attendance, he sought to undermine Lisa France with a vote of No Confidence.

Lisa France said of this:

While the MBRC’s diabolical planning scheme got you involved in politics Eric, it was the end of my time in politics. It seemed to hit a nerve with Mayor Sutherland, Cr Parsons, Cr Flannery and Co. that I would dare speak out against their ridiculous flood plans that saw massive swaths of our coastal communities apparently under water. Let’s not forget the questionable flood plans that miraculously saw the Mayor and Councillors houses above the flood level while the other houses in the street now were earmarked as being in flood zones. And their response? Instead of fronting the 3,000 residents that turned out in Beachmere, they stayed inside Council chambers and gutlessly moved a vote of No Confidence in me to make it all go away. And now Peter Flannery wants to be voted in as our Mayor? Peter Flannery couldn’t lead a choko vine over a fence let alone lead our community“.

This is what Lisa France has to say about Peter Flannery running as a Candidate for Mayor of Moreton Bay:

Flannery wants to be voted in as our Mayor? Peter Flannery couldn’t lead a choko vine over a fence let alone lead our community. Happy Anti Corruption day guys“.

It is clear that Peter Flannery has truly lost his way when he blames others for his mistakes after taking the money on offer and the gifts. But here’s the thing. Rather than resign as others have done, he is now going after the big prize now that Allan Sutherland has been arrested.

And to think Peter Flannery’s campaign slogan is, “Experience and leadership for a better tomorrow.”

Peter Flannery has had 12 years of so called better tomorrows and let’s hope we now understand what has happened and start making decisions that will improve our future instead of our politicians.

Somehow I don’t think words like “leadership and a better tomorrow” fit what Peter Flannery is about, do you?

To read the full transcript of Peter Flannery’s evidence under oath at the CCC Belcarra hearings, please click on the button below.