Mayoral Candidate Dean Teasdale

The time has now come where people need to know The Truth about the people who seek to lead them.

Dean Teasdale has now lost 4 elections in a row. The 2008, 2012 and 2016 Local Council Elections, as well as the 2010 Federal Election where he ran for the LNP in Petrie. So why the obsession with wanting to win a seat in Government, and what makes Dean Teasdale think he has what it takes to lead people and a region like Moreton Bay?

Dean Teasdale election clarification

On his website, Dean Teasdale says:

Why am I running for Mayor?

Our community deserves a strong local voice in the office of Mayor to ensure we get our fair share and that we achieve that through a council that we can all be proud of.

There’s a community movement that wants to see the important issues appropriately addressed throughout our region.

I’m standing up to make a contribution to our community so it becomes a better place for all of us.

I have a strong and vested interest in ensuring our region is great place for families to grow up in; where small business can be successful, a safe place to live; and that we have a great lifestyle to enjoy here.

I’m the candidate for Mayor who will end the bad old days by delivering us a council that we can all be proud of and that will be better for all of us.

Dean Teasdale followed up this comment on the 21st December 2019:


We must hold that Mayor and his Council to account.

For all those who have gone before, affected residents, employees, contractors, good Councillors our local environment and habitat…..We are the Moreton Bay Region;

It’s time to end the bad old days together!

Because our best days are still ahead of us!

Dean Teasdale says - No one is above the law

Dean Teasdale has been saying for a long time now that, “Our best days are ahead of us” and “Let’s end the bad old days of this Council”.

He has also posted so many feel good glossy pictures and comments, that some people have now fallen for the hype. Remember this is a man who has run in so many elections, and lost them all, and I believe this post will explain many of the reasons why.

So much hype and glossy pictures, but little substance or character. Not what I’d call good qualities to lead the third largest Council in Australia.

Dean Teasdale - Hype and Glossy Photos

Dean Teasdale changes his mind all the time. He flip flops on many comments and decisions he has made, and he is all over Facebook with so many pages, acting like a teenager seeking attention. In my opinion, these are not the traits of a leader.

It was Dean Teasdale who originally got in touch with me seeking my support in the 2016 Local Council Election as my Facebook page “The Truth – Moreton Bay” was very popular at the time. At the time, I was supporting a man named Shayne Hogan for Mayor, who I believed to be an honest man.

Dean made it very clear to me that he thought Shayne Hogan had no chance of winning the 2016 election, and went as far as sending me a silly polling graph that showed Shayne Hogan running last.

As we all know, Allan Sutherland won the 2016 local election in a landslide, so this poll was just a nonsense to try and win my support, and I knew it!!

You Decide - Newspaper article

This is the real poll with Dean Teasdale losing the 2016 Local Election to Allan Sutherland by some 70,000 votes.

Real Poll showing Alan Sutherland beating Dean Teasdale

Dean then started sending me things to try and undermine Shayne Hogan. Like a picture of Shayne Hogan attending a Candidates meeting, and Dean saying Shayne was at a Union meeting which was absolute rubbish. The truth was that Shayne Hogan couldn’t be in two places at once, and wanted to attend all meet and greets to get his message across.

Dean said to me:

Ah ok so rather than attend a community event at Sandstone Point Shayne Hogan attended a UNION meeting with his Labor mates last night. Not sure that reflects the best choice for our community but he’s entitles to make it.

For the record, Shayne Hogan was with the Greens before parting ways with them so he could run as an Independent Candidate for Mayor, and not with Labor as Teasdale had stated.

Dean Teasdale commenting on Shayne Hogan

It eventually all came to a head with Dean Teasdale and myself during the 2016 local Moreton Bay Regional Council election when I asked a number of Candidates to support Brooke Savige. At the time she was being undermined by Rick Williams (Rick wanted his friend Roz Vicenzino elected to Div 1 and she later worked in Rick’s electoral office), after appearing at a “Meet and Greet” Candidates forum at The Sandstone Point Hotel which was arranged by the local Newspaper The Caboolture News, and most Candidates came out in support of Brooke. But Dean wanted me to support him if he was going to show any support for Brooke. So I told him to go take a jump (this can all be documented if required).

Unfounded accusations try to discredit forums

Conversation with Dean Teasdale:

Dean Teasdale then sent me what I believed to be a threat of legal action during our conversation:

“Yes (you) are entitled to publish what ever you want the laws of Queensland apply equally to us all. I want (won’t), be discussing this matter with you further other than to say your comments are not correct and you should remove them.”

What’s really worrying is that Dean Teasdale speaks about anyone he likes. He’s mentioned Allan Sutherland so many times over a number of years, and the same goes for both Adrian Raedel, and Peter Flannery. But when he gets others speaking about him, he doesn’t like it and then threatens legal action if he’s not happy.

Threat by Dean Teasdale

I’m also not the only one who has been threatened with legal action for speaking out about the threats and intimidation from the Dean Teasdale.

Intimidation by Dean Teasdale
Further intimidation by Dean Teasdale

Some of Dean Teasdale’s private conversations involve threats of defamation which were made public by Cherie Porter.

Threats of defamation by Dean Teasdale

Tracey Jones has also been threatened with legal action by Dean Teasdale.

Comment on Dean Teasdale

A cease and desist letter from Dean Teasdale to Cherie Porter.

A cease and desist letter from Dean Teasdale to Tracey Jones.

I was contacted by Bruce Mills who was also speaking to Dean Teasdale in regards to the threats of defamation from Dean Teasdale towards his sister Kerry Seymour, after Kerry had spoken publicly about her problems with dealing with Dean Teasdale’s Real Estate office.

Threat to Kerry Seymour by Dean Teasdale

It was during this time that Dean Teasdale asked Bruce Mills to contact me and ask me to ring and speak to him directly, which I eventually did. And I wasn’t able to get a word in due to the yelling and anger from Dean so I had to end the call.

Dean Teasdale’s comment saying, “I was actually glad Shane (Newcombe) was suing him because I thought I then wouldn’t have and he’d learn from that. Obviously not.

This is clearly the nature of what Dean Teasdale is about. The fact that he encouraged a person to sue me.

And to be clear, I have not been sheltered from the Dean Teasdale threats of defamation action.

Dean Teasdale defamation letter
Dean Teasdale defamation letter

To be blunt, I’m really over the petulant and threatening manner of many of these people who try to shut others up with threats of legal action when questions about their character are asked.

And to think, these people wish to run our lives, and yet they don’t want us to ask questions or speak about them.

Dean Teasdale also supported Rick Williams suing me when he went on to Rick Williams’s Facebook page on 14th August 2017 to make this comment:

Every Queenslander is entitled to protection under the law against sustained defamatory attacks

And I agree 100%. But every Queenslander also deserves to know “The Truth” about their elected officials, and the Candidates who are running for office, without being threatened with legal action for seeking answers to their questions.

And that’s what this Post is all about

Seeking many answers to many questions that many people are concerned about.

And here again from a woman named Cherie Porter who has stood her ground against attacks of legal action from Dean Teasdale and the many comments of support from the public.

Cherie Porter defending herself against Dean Teasdale

The many comments from the public who were disgusted in Dean Teasdale threatening legal action against Cherie Porter.

This is something that Dean Teasdale has done on numerous occasions over a long period of time. When someone speaks about him, he threatens legal action against them if they don’t remove their comments, and I’m sure there are many others as well who have copped this treatment to shut them up.

On 17th September 2019 there was just a shameful attempt by Dean Teasdale to make himself look tough. Especially after the CCC had now stepped in and arrested so many people.

You can even see my original comment made back on the 30th September 2018:

And this is from a bloke who can’t handle criticism even when it’s clearly pointed out from his own words that he’s wrong.

Dean Teasdale attempting to appear tough

Shortly after losing the last Local Election on 8th March 2016, Dean Teasdale announced that he was going to run for Mayor again in the March 2020 Local Election. But this time Dean Teasdale said he was going to place his own Candidates in every Division of Moreton Bay, clearly wanting to have control over the whole region.

Moreton Bay Regional Council mayoral hopeful Dean Teasdale declares his bid four years out.

MEET the man who has launched his bid to run one of Australia’s biggest councils. The catch – he’ll have to wait until 2020.

Four years out from the 2020 election, Dean Teasdale declares he is running for Mayor.

The Mango Hill father of five, fulltime real estate agent and part-time law student has set up a Facebook Page to gather a team of 12 to stand beside him as the Moreton 2020 group.

It is a big commitment but I think it is important to keep engaged with what is happening in our region” Mr Teasdale said.

He said he had four people expressing interest in standing for a Division in 2020. None of them are failed candidates at this year’s poll.

Mr Teasdale said the Moreton 2020 group would hold fundraisers over the next few years, but would not accept donations from developers.

We will be holding public meetings and developing a constitution” he said.

He had already commissioned a bright logo with representations of the 13 candidates for 2020 and their supporters.

Dean Teasdale declares his bid 4 years out

Dean Teasdale even mentioned it himself on his Facebook page on 16th April 2016. So there is no question that he was going to put his own Candidates in each Division.

Dean Teasdale preparing for next bid

To give further weight to this announcement by Dean Teasdale to have a monopoly on running Moreton Bay, he has on many occasions shared information to different Facebook pages he has set up to cover all Divisions in the Moreton Bay Regional Council area.

Dean Teasdale Facebook page 2
Dean Teasdale Facebook page 3
Dean Teasdale Facebook page 4
Dean Teasdale Facebook page 5
Dean Teasdale Facebook page 6
Dean Teasdale Facebook page 7

As I said, Dean Teasdale has run in many elections now, and lost all of them. And one of them was the 2010 Federal Election when Dean Teasdale ran with the LNP for the seat of Petrie.

What is troubling about Dean Teasdale is the way he always back flips on his comments, and the following is an unbelievable back flip which involved millions of dollars concerning the Redcliffe rail link.

LNP candidate for Petrie, Dean Teasdale

Interview with Spencer Howson, ABC612 27 July 2010

“…perhaps Gillard and Bligh see Redcliffe rail as moving forward. But it’s moving in the wrong direction.

Now is not the right time…

We are not about making big spending promises in the context of this election campaign.

…And as I said I’ll be a constant advocate to ensure our infrastructure needs are met. But now is not the right time.”

And then Dean Teasdale changes his mind when public opinion went against him,

LNP candidate for Petrie, Dean Teasdale

Interview with Kelly Higgins-Devine, ABC612 27 July 2010

“Oh I support the comments that it’s good news for local residents this afternoon that the Coalition will fund this important piece of infrastructure for the community.”

You can view many articles on this important matter and some would say that Petrie dodged a bullet with Dean Teasdale losing the 2010 seat of Petrie.

I’d like to now move onto the conflict of interests that involve Dean Teasdale.

In the 2016 Local Elections Dean Teasdale accepted a donation of $990.00 from a fellow Candidate named Chris Kelly who was running in Division 8.

Dean Teasdale went even further and posted an endorsement of Chris Kelly after the Mayor, Allan Sutherland, had written a scathing letter attacking Chris Kelly dated 15th March 2016.

There is no doubt about the close relationship between both Dean Teasdale and Chris Kelly, both of who were running for Council in the 2016 Local Council Election. And there is also no doubt that there is a clear conflict of interest in this donation, and in Dean Teasdale’s public comment on 16th March 2016 when he said:

“Our Mayor represents our whole region but let’s be clear his comments towards Chris Kelly do not represent our region at its best. Anyone who is prepared to stand up for the community at election is owed a degree of respect.”

It’s interesting when you see some 4 years later, that Dean Teasdale once again mentions this donation that was made to him on a page run by Erwin Hecht who supports Dean Teasdale, thinking that no one would know the origin of this donation or understand the Teasdale comment about this $900 donation (it was $990 to be exact).

Well now they do….

Dean Teasdale donation

Let’s now talk about another clear conflict of interest with Dean Teasdale and his girlfriend Katrisha Dobson who announced she was going to run in Division 12.

And here you will see yet another back flip by Dean Teasdale.

This is one of the strangest things many people have seen in any local Council Election. They both came out together and announced that Katrisha Dobson was running in the 2020 Local Election for Division 12, and then all of a sudden when people started to ask questions, Katrisha Dobson just disappeared.

To make this whole situation even more confusing, Katrisha Dobson had organised a petition to propose that since Adrian Raedel was not there working for Division 12 because he had been arrested, she should be the one to get the caretaker role in Division 12 until the 2020 election was called. So there is no doubting her intent to be the Councillor for Division 12.

Here is Dean Teasdale again supporting a fellow Candidate, and speaks about the void left in Divisions 12 since Adrian Raedel was arrested, setting up a platform for his girlfriend Katrisha Dobson very nicely.

It also helped that Teasdale had already had this Facebook page ready to go for a long time.

Dean Teasdale on Division 12 encumbant

The happy couple together and the picture showing Katrisha Dobson as the Candidate for Division 12 Moreton Bay Region.

Katrisha Dobson says, “We can’t let our community suffer in silence. The ratepayers of Division 12 deserve continuous representation on Council

Katrisha Dobson petition

Here is the petition that Katrisha Dobson posted to try and get community support, which again was quickly taken down.

Katrisha Dobson petition page 2
Katrisha Dobson petition page 2

What can you say about people wanting to run our day to day life who just chop and change all the time and play games with the lives of people they wish to lead?

Once again, here is classic Teasdale when he was asked a question about why Katrisha Dobson was now not running for Division 12.

And I rest my case with this “not such a straight shooter” comment.

It’s 2019 anyone who has an expectation that I need to or that I am required to speak on my partners behalf needs to get with the times

Dean Teasdale replying to question about his partner

It’s interesting that later in this review, you will see that Dean Teasdale does in fact get involved by sending me three messages stating that he is now not running with anyone. Yet another back flip.

One of the things that I have been against for many years now is hate speech, and also Facebook hate pages. It is no secret that I currently have a number of legal actions in place fighting for justice against hate speech and lies that have been posted.

It made me sick to my stomach to see both Dean Teasdale and his girlfriend Katrisha Dobson endorsing and liking a Facebook hate page called “The REAL Truth – Moreton Bay“, and then later taking their comments down.

Once again another back flip for the sake of hiding their actions from the public.

However, when you put this endorsement, together with Dean Teasdale’s previous comments and actions, it is quite clear what the intention was. And that was to get people to “Like” it and “Follow” it at my expense and humiliation.

You will see by the attached pictures that these endorsements were seen by over 5,000 people who followed Dean Teasdale’s Facebook page. And I’m afraid this is an action that can’t be allowed to go unchallenged.

It’s also a disgrace to see Katrisha Dobson, a person who wanted to be a Councillor in Division 12, also endorsing this hate page. The pictures don’t lie.

Dean Teasdale liking hate page

Katrisha Dobson liking “The REAL Truth Moreton Bay” with Dean Teasdale, and also later taking her comments down.

Katrisha Dobson liking hate page

This Facebook hate page was also liked and endorsed by Rick Williams, and it said that I was responsible for the deaths of thousands of people because I was involved in the hospitality industry and sold alcohol.

This matter is now before the Court.

Rick Williams liking hate page

This post about me killing thousands of people was so hateful Facebook took it down.

The Real Truth hate page

But to make sure there is no mistake about Dean Teasdale supporting this hate page, he also commented and posted twice to this page on the 7th May 2017.

And then later, again took his comments down.

Dean Teasdale making comment on hate page
Dean Teasdale making comment on hate page 2

Here are the comments in a larger view which were at the bottom of each of the posts.

Dean Teasdale comments on hate page

(6th January 2020 6:00am)

An addition to the story this morning.

Further to my story on Dean Teasdale which I was planning to release today (Monday 6 Jan 2020), this morning I have received three messages from Dean Teasdale, from three different sources, just to make sure I got his message.

Dean Teasdale was fully expecting me to post a review on him on my website, and so he wanted to let me know that he has once again done a flip flop and changed his mind about running with other candidates. This has now forced me to delay and redo this post.

This is once again an attempt to try and cover his actions, but the fact is they are already in the public domain.

Dean Teasdale has gone to great lengths to make sure I received his messages.

Dean Teasdale message
Dean Teasdale message

There is so much more that could have been added to this story, but I’m sure the residents of Moreton Bay can now understand clearly what Dean Teasdale is all about. This review is also a chance to give many people an opportunity to have their say.

In closing Dean Teasdale said:

I look forward to contesting the next election and to being the first fairly elected Mayor of this region under fairer elections rules.

Yes Dean. I’m sure we agree. We want fairer rules for everyone.

Fairer elections