No one said it was going to be easy to win this next Local Election. And my long-time supporters are very much aware of how much I have been attacked by some very hateful and ambitious people, telling lies and attacking my Facebook page are things that I’m starting to get used to.

They say it’s called politics. I say it’s just very ordinary people who don’t have much of a life. It’s sad really.

I’ve even had to install a “live chat” feature on my website if people wish to speak to me, just in case my Facebook page gets attacked again.

My original Facebook page of five years, “The Truth – Moreton Bay“, was attacked many times by the haters (some of which I have taken legal action) and taken down by Facebook, and I’ve now also had a few bans running as a Mayoral Candidate. But from what I can now see many people are aware of what is going on and won’t cop it.

This time around I now have my website as a backup where people can still follow me in the lead in to this next Local Election.

So please visit here if my Facebook page is attacked again to stay in touch with me

Now one wants to see free speech trampled on and no one wants to see Candidates threatening to sue members of the public in private chat boxes to shut them up, and certainly no one wants to see Candidates running for Council who have been a part of CCC investigations and responsible for clear problems of conflict of interest by accepting money and favours from business people and fellow Councillors.

Allan Sutherland has now announced his retirement and Adrian Raedel is now facing charges after being arrested by the CCC, indeed change is truly in the air but it’s not enough to stop what has been going on.

It just amazes me to now see Peter Flannery putting his hand up to run for Mayor after his attendance at the CCC Belcarra hearings and his involvement with the Moreton Futures Trust, and then seeing him blaming the Local Government Association of Queensland for the mistakes he has made.


Common sense should tell you that to run a huge utility like the MBRC and represent many members of the community, that at the very least you’d have to be open with the very people you wish to have vote for you.

As far as I’m concerned if you take money and favours off developers and fellow Councillors to try and keep your job, then your not worthy to hold a position of public trust .

It’s the ultimate insult and these people would be eaten alive in the private sector and flushed out very quickly for their actions.

The disrespect that is shown to members of the public in the last 12 years is mind boggling, and the very fact that they think they can con us all once again and just roll up with a smile on their face and say “let’s make a fresh start,” just shows you how out of touch they really are and what they think of us all.

Take a look at the Post I did on my website, and you’ll clearly see from the recorded CCC hearing transcript that not only did Peter Flannery accept money from the Moreton Futures Trust, but he also accepted many “favours” from Allan Sutherland to help get him re elected and if Mr Flannery would have had to pay for these favours, they would have cost a small fortune.

But that’s OK as Peter Flannery said under oath, “because it saved me expenses” so I reckon he thinks it was ok to do it.

And to think Peter Flannery keep saying that he was an Independent, seriously Peter?

Peter Flannery was on large billboards with Allan Sutherland, getting endorsed and sharing mail outs with Allan Sutherland. Sharing hand bills and how to vote cards with Allan Sutherland. And he didn’t pay one cent in regards to these huge and expensive “favours” and support that he received from Allan Sutherland, add to that, he also accepted money from a trust that was supported by many developers and business people and hasn’t that caused a “s–t storm” in both Moreton Bay and throughout Queensland?

Who’s to say that an honest and community minded person like Rodney Hansen wouldn’t have won the 2016 local election in Division Two if he also was up on huge billboards on the Bruce Hway and had the financial support that Peter Flannery had?

Rodney Hansen has been supporting the community with his own time and money with things like fighting Unity Water, supporting the Men’s Sheds in Moreton Bay for many years now and has also been a wonderful community advocate for many years.

And yes, Rodney has had my support in the past, and I’m really angry at how he has been held back due to the power brokers and what “they” want put in place. We truly need good people like never before to support us here in Moreton Bay, 12 years of  being disrespected by our Local Council I reckon is quite enough.

We also recently saw Rodney Hansen the subject of a leaked email from the MBRC CEO’s office to once again try to undermine both him and me. Yes the scandals just never seem to stop and it surely makes you wonder who is undermining who in our region it’s getting that bad.

Let’s take a look at what Mr Flannery had to say when he announced he was running for Mayor:

“I am pleased to announce my intention to nominate for mayor in the Moreton Bay Regional Council Election in 2020,” Cr Flannery said.
“I believe it is time for council to re-establish the confidence and trust from the people we serve. March 2020 will be the beginning of a new direction for council and as mayor I will represent our communities’ needs, interests and aspirations and endeavour to apply the resources at our disposal to meet them.”

Just this comment alone by Peter Flannery tells me he’s in denial,

“The beginning of a new direction for Council and as Mayor I will represent our communities’ needs, interests and aspirations?”

I totally agree with Peter Flannery that yes we need a new direction alright, but I don’t think he is the man to make that happen. Do you folks?

We need people who will change our lot in life, not more of the same, I’ll give Mr Flannery a break here and not post what he said in the run up to the last election.

I’ll let you folks take all of that in as this concerns “YOUR FUTURE,” “YOUR REGION” and “YOUR FAMILIES.”

If you truly want change, then now is the time to share my Posts to your friends and Facebook pages. It will be you folks who will make this change happen not me. My job will start after the election results have been counted, so let’s put a stop to what’s been going on, and show these people what we think of them, their actions, and their lack of values.

Stand up for what is right and let’s bring respect back to our beautiful region and the wonderful people who live in Moreton Bay.

Eric Shields

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