About Eric Shields - Candidate for Mayor of the Moreton Bay Regional Council

I live with my partner in the quiet coastal community of Meldale.

I was schooled at Sydney’s Newington College, and was introduced to large companies at the age of 17 when I joined P & O Shipping as a trainee Manager, and over the years I’ve also worked for some of Australia’s biggest companies.

I also spent a number of years introducing video gaming to licensed clubs and hotels in both the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales, where I held two licenses through the New South Wales Government.

I also held senior sales and management positions with Carlton & United Breweries, Guinness Australia and Independent Distillers Pty Ltd where I introduced two major market leaders to Australia. Those being Vodka Cruisers and Woodstock Bourbon, which achieved many sales awards and set record sales figures for the introduction of a new product in the Australian market place.

It was also Vodka Cruisers that knocked over Bacardi Breezers a product that held the Australian YTD market for many years, something which no one had been able to do before.

During this time I also worked as a professional musician, and professional DJ.  At 17 years of age, I was on stage supporting the legendary Daddy Cool with Ross Wilson, and then went on to do tours and shows with bands like Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel, Skyhooks, Dragon, Rose Tattoo, Kevin Borich, Tommy Emmanuel and many more. I also toured overseas and on cruise ships doing many shows over the years.

Throughout my life I’ve also played representative cricket winning a St George Under 19 Telegraph Shield competition and trialing for the NSW under 21 side as well as winning many men’s one indoor cricket championships well into in my 40’s which I’m very proud of, so I’d say I’m a very competitive person by nature.

I have over forty years experience as a Sales Manager, Musician, Entertainer and Public Speaker and a wide range of work skills and values including negotiation, relationship building, innovation, product and market development, loyalty, commitment, and more.

I will bring these skills and values to my role as Mayor of Moreton Bay Regional Council, so the region will finally have a Mayor they can be proud of, and a Council that is no longer the focus of Corruption hearings, scandals and investigations.

You’ll see by the attached pictures that I am a people’s person, love life, love travel and love getting out and about meeting people, and I also want to be a part of building a community that will be the envy of Queensland.

I have demonstrated a passion for, and commitment to, the Moreton Bay community after moving here five years ago.  I believe Governments should listen to the people, and politicians should work for their communities not for their own selfish interests, ambitions and greed.

I first revealed the details of the Moreton Futures Trust to the public and have also supported the community over the last five years with many major issues (The MBRC, the draft plan, corruption, Rick Williams, intimidation of community members, MBRIT, intimidation of MBRC staff, The Homeless, Hank) and I believe there is no one better suited or more knowledgeable to sort out the important issues facing our electorate and Local Council.

I say what I’ll do and I’ll do what I say, I’m no politician, just a man who wants to help his community before his time is up.

I will put a stop to corruption in Local Government and get our region back on track, nothing would make me more prouder than to see Moreton Bay the envy of Australia, that is my promise to you folks.

Eric Shields